2018 Estate Petite Sirah

Exciting News! We are proud to introduce our first wine available for purchase.  It is our 2018 Estate Petite Sirah.  Dark and delicious.   We made just 96 cases total, so its in short supply.  While Petite Sirah makes a powerful, fruity, hardy, dense and often tannic wine, Loma Seca Petite Sirah also carries a great acid balance, a distinct characteristic of our vineyard.  The limestone soil allows the wines to retain their natural acidity and still develop ripeness, resulting in a drinkable and food friendly wine which pairs perfectly with a wide variety of big dishes. Meats, stews, braised and grilled meats are excellent food and wine matches for Petite Sirah. Short ribs, hamburgers and barbecue of all types served with Loma Seca Estate Petite Sirah makes for great combinations.

DSC_0329 (2).JPG

2020 Estate Rose

Our latest release, the 2020 Rose, is a co-ferment of 57% Grenache and 43% Mourvedre.   In a co-fermentation, both grape varieties are harvested at the same time and fermented together in the same tank.  This is different than a blend, where the grape varieties are fermented separately and blended later. Co-fermentation allows the chemistries of the two grape varieties to evolve together and influence each other during fermentation. We believe this results in a wine of higher complexity.  The wine is a proper Rose in that it was pressed after crush and fermented, not "bled" as a byproduct from red wine production.

Think tropical fruit with this wine, kiwi, pineapple, and banana.  And our dry-farmed vineyard’s signature acid balance is there as well.  So, this wine is fresh, crisp, and fruity but not a bit sweet.  It would be a great partner for soft cheese, spicy Asian, Cuban, or Jamaican food.  And would always make a nice wine for a picnic or concert.

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