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The Hidden Loma Seca

At 160 acres, Loma Seca is a large property. However only 35 acres are planted to vines and the remainder of the property is maintained as natural habitat. So, most of it is rarely seen by our wine tasting visitors. The views near the bottom of the ranch are more intimate and perhaps serene than those from the top of the vineyard. Yet this time of year it is arguably the most scenic portion. That’s why I wanted to share some recent photos of the “Hidden Loma Seca”. Next time you come and visit, besides wine tasting, you are welcome to explore this special part of the ranch.

Poppies and Lupine are amongst the natural habitat.

Rosie enjoying a romp in the grass with blue oaks in the background.

The path to the lake in its winter/spring green. With early rains and none since, the grass has a chance to grow. Food for the deer, and elk.

The quiescent lake perfectly reflects the trees and a lone contrail

The interplay of wind, water, and sunlight provide this natural ballet

Road to the neighbors on the west side of Loma Seca

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Great variety of wines. I'm going to have to up my game or buy a bigger wine cooler!


Hello Pictures are great .... We had the '19 Petite Sirah with Brian, Kent, and their wives ... all thought it was great! Will be trying the '18 Petitie Sirah today watching the Super Bowl ... Cheers,



Mag DB
Mag DB
Feb 12, 2022

Absolutely love the sparkle on the water ballet! Love the wines as well! All is lovely.

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